Hegyi Zsófia: Learning and practising vocabulary and grammar

The aim of this lesson is to improve Ss’ active vocabulary and deepen their knowledge of grammar. Ss discuss the topic of celebration/festives with a special focus on Christmas and love in today’s world, which we approach in different ways. The topic is dealt with with the help of the T, precut vocabulary cards, vocabulary cards from previous lessons and different handouts. (These methods can be applied in any classes, as additional material to any books).
Most of the tasks require pre-cut vocabulary cards that are going to be used during the lesson in which Ss will do individual tasks, will work in groups and also will get information with the help of frontal teaching. They will see how the new vocabulary they deal with works in context and also will use it in context themselves. For the above reasons, I give methodological ideas that can be applied in any language course, but in this module the focus is on teaching English in a high-school. Feel free to choose any books that can be used for teaching English in high-schools. The following methods can be used and mixed in all kinds of ways besides many other teaching methods throughout the four years of high-school to help Ss acquire a greater vocabulary and a clear understanding of grammar that Ss can use confidently. The aim of all these methods is that Ss gain a joyful attitude towards the English language and an appropriate usage of it. The basis of these methods is the idea of the necessity of additional materials in classes, instead of using strictly one book in order to bring everyday language usage closer to Ss. Ss can use these methods at home or during individual studies as well as in class, in groups. The following methods require much preparation in advance but bring along useful results. These ideas should be taken as samples serving as thoughtprovokers for student teachers. The methods I am going to introduce can be used in any 45 minutes class and their varieties can be applied if any longer time is available to prepare Ss for exams or simply for teaching. Considering that Ss studying English with the help of these methods get much homework, they should cooperate with each other and/or use their creativity in word-collection by reading, watching movies in short parts and cutting/writing vocabulary cards in the target language.


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