Tarnai Gábor: Holidays – Thanksgiving

In this class we discuss the topic “holidays”, we do a reading task which is followed by an extensive listening comprehension practice using audio-visual input.  L2 learners do creative thinking exercises to allow room for idiosyncratic language use.

Tarnai Gábor: Listening and grammar practice

Learning and practising prepositions with authentic listening material using audiovisual input.  Since listening to authentic songs can easily be done by using the Audio-Lingual Method, this method is significantly used here.

Kógerné Kühn Edit: A lost city

Aims and objectives: to describe and speculate about a place in a photo to practice using reading strategies to read and understand  an extract from a travel book to ask and answer questions in order  to complete a history text to practise using new vocabulary (describing feelings, verbs of movement and describing buildings)