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Hegyi Zsófia: Learning and practising vocabulary and grammar

The aim of this lesson is to improve Ss’ active vocabulary and deepen their knowledge of grammar. Ss discuss the topic of celebration/festives with a special focus on Christmas and love in today’s world, which we approach in different ways. The topic is dealt with with the help of the T, precut vocabulary cards, vocabulary [...]

Rózsahegyi Ágnes: The song and the quiz: animal protection

The aim of this particular class is to capture and enhance secondary language learners’ motivation as part of the ‘lead-in’ process to the topic of Animal Protection, which can be treated as a an individual module, or as an essential part of the more extensive aspect of Environmental Protection. Students will be listening to a [...]

Szakmódszertan: Tarnai Gábor: Module: Learning and Practising Vocabulary and Grammar  with Authentic Listening Material Using Project-work and ICT

In this class we discuss the topic love, friendship and happiness while we do an extensive listening comprehension practice using audio-visual input. Then as their homework they collect pictures in order to produce a project which may well be a graphic representation or a montage of the events and their own ideas. Finally, they show [...]

Szakmódszertan: Tarnai Gábor: Travel Broadens the Mind

Teachers and L2-learners (Ls, henceforth) may feel fortunate as they often stand the chance to organise field trips not only to different parts of their own country but abroad as well. In this class we are going to show and discuss how to make various didactic preparations for a field trip to the target language [...]

Szakmódszertan: Tarnai Gábor: Elements of Pop Culture in Second Language Acquisition

Pop culture offers many possibilities not only for teachers and second language learners (Ls, henceforward), but for those who want to practice their language skills and cultural knowledge in new environments. In this class we discuss how we can use the different facets of infotainment for SLA purposes – namely sitcoms and movie excerpts for [...]