Tarnai Gábor: People and jobs: politics and culture

This paper focuses on politics and voting rights while exploiting British history and culture. The class concentrates on an episode called Dish and Dishonesty of Blackadder the Third. The methods involve peer-teaching, listening and project-work using audio-visual input and use the Direct Method by an extensive listening comprehension practice and scarcely the Grammar-Translation Method for the clarification of the arduous vocabulary. The authentic script of spoken English is backed up with the original subtitles. The peer-teacher’s teaching-material can be done in ITC format, using pre-edited video files and/or slideshow with hotkeys. Peer-teaching may take different forms. In this paper, peers do their own research, compile their own handouts, and are capable of carrying out even two lessons on a comprehensive topic. The teachers’ main role is to provide the peer-teachers with necessary equipment, ideas and a wide selection of background information. As facilitators, they should simply channel the peer-teachers’ concepts of the class-work, and present some further ideas and bibliography if necessary. The peer-teacher of the class is Budányi Dániel. The follow-up slides were produced by Varga Andrea.

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