Szakmódszertan: Tarnai Gábor: Elements of Pop Culture in Second Language Acquisition

Pop culture offers many possibilities not only for teachers and second language learners (Ls, henceforward), but for those who want to practice their language skills and cultural knowledge in new environments. In this class we discuss how we can use the different facets of infotainment for SLA purposes – namely sitcoms and movie excerpts for classroom activities. Although these genres may well provide Ls with extensive listening comprehension practice using audio-visual input, they should be used with caution for educational purposes so as to meet Ls’ needs and interests as well as our didactic, pedagogical and institutional goals. Certainly, sitcoms and movie excerpts merely serve as starting points for our projects, but they can be used as bases for peer tutoring lessons, wide range of authentic listening exercises, discussions and free writing practice. Bear in mind, although pop culture has a potentially powerful and motivating role in SLA, no matter what exercises we do in class, we should always assess and evaluate them to comply with the different levels for Listening Comprehension tasks as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Moreover, they ought to be construed as eligible practice tests for the Hungarian Érettségi and different language exams.
Finally, Ls always stand the chance to be absorbed in listening to and watching these sitcoms in their everyday lives, thus they can get engaged into second language acquisition and interaction outside the class at all times.


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