Szakmódszertan: Tarnai Gábor: Travel Broadens the Mind

Teachers and L2-learners (Ls, henceforth) may feel fortunate as they often stand the chance to organise field trips not only to different parts of their own country but abroad as well. In this class we are going to show and discuss how to make various didactic preparations for a field trip to the target language country, that is, a project of some aspects of Britain. In the first part, Ls do extensive research using audio-visual input into the places they are going to visit. Then they are going to show their research through a compilation of ideas in a quiz format to the class while the others evaluate them. During the trip, Ls do different on-the-spot activities, take loads of pictures, gather realia, do quizzes and, most of all, they use the target language.
For the student teachers, the aim of the module is as follows:
• - to understand cooperative projects;
• - to get an insight into know how to prepare for a field trip to the target country;
• - to understand how to produce picture description exercises;
• - to utilise the authentic L2 materials gathered in the target country;
• - to practice the use of realia in class;
• - how to comply with the different levels of Listening Comprehension as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
• - how to produce eligible speaking exercises and picture-based tests for the Hungarian Érettségi and different language exams.


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