Kógerné Kühn Edit: A lost city

Aims and objectives:
to describe and speculate about a place in a photo
to practice using reading strategies
to read and understand  an extract from a travel book
to ask and answer questions in order  to complete a history text
to practise using new vocabulary (describing feelings, verbs of movement and describing buildings)

Description: Second language (L2) learners in groups and in pairs collect information about an ancient civilisation, the Incas through the discovery of Machu Picchu and the extraordinary life of the discoverer Hiram Bingham (1875-1956). L2 learners give presentation, make interviews, and express opinion using texts and different activities based on Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT).

The goal of this method is to develop the culture of democratic dialogue and develop partnership in schools. According to Richard Pavel /1990/ the critical thinker is someone who is able to think well, fair-mindedly about his or her beliefs and viewpoints, explores and appreciates their adequacy, cohesion and reasonableness. Attitudes and passions are included.

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